Church Pictorial is a Charlotte, NC area based directory company founded in 2004 by Charlotte based photographer Sean Rivinus. Sean had been a hobbyist photographer for 22 years. In 2003 he had started taking his passion for photography and turned it into a full time business. He came across the Church Directory market after he had been working for one of the national directory companies and felt there was a better, more efficient and cost effective way to produce directories for churches. Using his experience with the national company, he went about to create a program that provides a better experience for churches.  He identified two  main challenges to the churches.

The first challenge was the amount of time families spend waiting to get photographed on their picture days. The national company he worked for scheduled families at 10 minute intervals and it was not uncommon for wait times to exceed 45 minutes after a scheduled appointment. One of Sean's pet peeves is being on time. Since we are doing to the scheduling, we can assure there is enough time planned between appointments so families are photographed in a timely manner.

The second challenge is the sales or presentation piece. A church directory company pays for the complimentary directories through sales. Most churches understand this and members usually expect that they will be offered the opportunity to purchase portraits. However, most people don't need a $300 package. Our program is a a fixed fee program. We charge $49.00 per sitting per family. Each family will receive a copy of the directory and either a good sized portrait package that they design or a CD of their images they may print themselves. There are absolutely no sales additions.  Churches receives extra directory based on the number of families that participate and may purchase more at a cost of $12.00 per directory.

We know that that with our unique program, that churches will have a more enjoyable experience with their directory programs. If you want a turnkey program, with a local contact and personalized attention, then we know that Church Pictorial is the company for you.