For your benefit, we have tried to cover the most often asked questions regarding our products, processes and procedures. Please contact us with any questions that you have that we haven't addressed here.

Q. What is the cost to the church?
A. Church Pictorial provides our basic pictorial directory at no cost to the church.

Q. Why does the program not include a free 8x10 and  directory?
A.  We are a business and have to make some sort of profit to stay in business. Since the downturn in the economy, every other free program has either gone out of business or sold themselves to Lifetouch. We are the only regional company still operating as an independent.  In the past, directory programs have relied on high pressure sales to cover the cost of giving away free directories and 8x10 portraits.  We looked at all of the associated costs for doing this worked and think that what we have come up with is a reasonable price for us to produce the same quality product as Lifetouch without the high pressure sales piece. 

Q. How many sittings are required?
A. Church Pictorial has experience with large and small congregations and parishes. Our only requirement is a minimum of four shooting days (15 sittings per day). Congregations smaller may be interested in contacting us about a pre-pay program.

Q. How much time should a family allow for a sitting?
A. We are very schedule conscious. This means that, unlike our competitors, we stay on time. We schedule knowing that larger families are going to require a little more time. A family of 5 should allow approximately 45 minutes. Families smaller than 5 should allow around 20-30 minutes.

Q. Are families obligated to purchase portraits?
A. They are not obligated to make a purchase to be in the directory.

Q. What about sales pressure?
A. There are no sales. They can be listed in the directory for free, purchase a copy of the directory, purchase a print package or CD of images.

Q. What are the selling prices of portraits?
A. A copy of the directory is $20.00 for the first copy and $15.00 each additional copy. There are two options for packages. The first is a 5 sheet package for $49.00. The sheets can be mixed and matched. The second option is a family can purchase a CD from which they can make their own prints for $49.00

Q. How long does it take to receive the printed directories?
A. Church Pictorial provides 20-day turnaround time for directory printing. One of the keys to getting your directories back quickly is to start the layout process at the same time you announce your program. We work with your directory committee from the start of the process to ensure their are no delays.

Q. Why should I choose Church Pictorial?
A. The main reason for choosing Church Pictorial is that you are looking for a customizable experience, with a local company, that provides a better value for your members. If your last directory had high-pressure sales, expensive packages and long waits for appointments, then it's time to try a different solution. Church Pictorial offers that solution